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Does the scale seem stuck, no matter what you do? 

When your current weight loss plan doesn’t work, you quit that one and go start another.


Guess what, my dear?


That’s insane! But unfortunately, it’s oh so common. You are not alone. Americans spend over $60 billion a year on weight loss related products.


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. This little bit of information is NOT new to you.


However, it’s finally time to realize, the specific diet isn’t the issue. It’s you.


Your relationship with food, your mindset and your overall life is what’s keeping your weight up and your spirits low.


It’s time. It’s time for a different action to happen in your life. 

The fastest way to uplevel  your health and lifestyle is to work one-on-one with a coach.

One-on-One coaching is your opportunity to create a healthy lifestyle that is customized just for you.


There’s no one-diet-fits-all-mentality. In my practice, I refer to this as bio-individuality. This means there’s no one-size-fit-all diet. Each client is a unique individualized woman with highly individualized nutritional requirements.

The problem is most of us don’t know what’s best for our bodies because there is so much research promoting this food or shunning that food. Combine that with super effective marketing from big food companies and figuring out what to eat every day can be soooo confusing!

  • Is eating dairy good for weight loss or bad for your belly?
  • Should I cut out all carbs after 3 PM? Stop eating all together at 7?
  • Should I stop eating meat and focus on a plant-based diet?
  • What about those green smoothies. Can I really lose weight by drinking them every day?
  • Should I count calories and weigh myself daily?



I personally tried practically every diet known to man over a period of 2 decades and couldn’t lose weight to save my life!


Maybe you can relate…


You’ve tried every diet and workout program, pill and powder on the market and nothing works for the long term. Your man hates when you start another diet because the restrictions and deprivation make you a little cra cra.


You wake up every morning, look in the mirror and wonder what happened to your body!


After learning to take control of my life by changing the way I lived, I…

  • effortlessly dropped 20 pounds
  • now sleep like a baby
  • love working out
  • my energy levels are consistent all day long
  • control my schedule rather than letting my schedule control me. #lifeisgooood




I can show you how.


Imagine, waking up in the morning with a confident smile knowing you have a solid plan for the day.  You feel confident. You feel in control. You have learned to live a LUXE life.

What is a LUXE life? It’s a phrase I coined to encapsulate what the life of a holistically healthy woman looks like.  She…

  • feeds her body foods that are energizing and not draining
  • enjoys working out because it makes her feel good + not because she’s trying to burn off last night’s happy hour
  • takes time in the morning to mentally prepare before the hustle and the bustle of the day begins
  • confidentially says no to things that don’t support her
  • takes time out for self-care on the regular
  • values time spent with her girlfriends + makes it a priority
  • enjoys the work she does
  • manages her schedule so she gets enough rest every night
  • regularly invests in herself by purchasing products and services that uplevel her quality of life

Oh, but wait. Some of you say, “Being healthy is too expensive!”


Listen sis, there’s no reason for you to be thrifty when it comes to your health and lifestyle.


You willingly spend the money to adorn your outer body in the best way possible. Your hair and nails are always done. Your lashes are extended and unwanted hair has been precisely removed with laser technology. Your handbag and shoes immediately tell everyone what type of woman you are.


But how much are you investing in your health? How much are you spending on what you’re putting in your body? Who is your trusted mentor to lead you in the right direction [please don’t say your prescription loving doctor]? Would you rather spend money now to learn how to live healthy or spend more money later on prescriptions, doctor’s visits and hospital stays?


Breathe easy, sister because you are in the right place. It’s time to take action, just like these women:

  • Since Jennifer has become my health coach, she has opened my eyes to a whole new world. I’m taking a new attitude and perspective to go along with my healthy lifestyle.

    Yvonne, Legal Recruiter, Philadelphia
    Yvonne, Legal Recruiter, Philadelphia
  • This has been a great experience so far. I'm glad I signed up for coaching. I have learned a lot about myself from the process.

    Tanya, Wife, Mom + teacher, Maryland
    Tanya, Wife, Mom + teacher, Maryland
  • Jennifer has a way of working with you to see the simple things that help you to be healthier and shed pounds without even feeling like you're on a diet.

    Karise, Branding Expert, Philadelphia
    Karise, Branding Expert, Philadelphia
  • I am a tough customer and Jennifer has me looking at the way I look at food and dieting in a totally different way. It is liberating. I travel a lot, do not eat vegetables, and have a difficult time exercising - except for running through airports. She has given lots of great suggestions and is helping me through the process of re-thinking how I approach and look at things.

    Ellen, CEO, Florida
    Ellen, CEO, Florida Founder & CEO at Elevate USA Inc.
  • I would highly recommend leveraging Jennifer Dent's health coaching programs to help you BLOW past your health and fitness goals!

    Elisha, RN + Entrepreneur, New Jersey
    Elisha, RN + Entrepreneur, New Jersey Owner + CEO Cosmetic Aftercare Services
  • It was an absolute delight working with Jennifer. She was exactly the ‘breath of fresh air” I needed at that point in time.

    I came to Jennifer as I was feeling very overwhelmed and it was beginning to affect my health to which it was having a flow on effect to perform at my peak level in my business.Jennifer created such a beautiful safe and secure environment which allowed me to explore all aspects of my life very comfortably.
    Nancy, Coach + Entrepreneur, Sydney, Australia
    Nancy, Coach + Entrepreneur, Sydney, Australia
  • Though the session got deep at times and we really had to "go there" more than once, I cannot express how much insight I gained from Jennifer and how it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. She was patient, attentive and real with me. I was better after than before for having spent 90 minutes with Jennifer Dent.

    Monica, Supply and Distribution Specialist, Philadelphia
    Monica, Supply and Distribution Specialist, Philadelphia
  • I just want to say...THANK YOU! Yesterday, I received an email from you. It was addressing an area that I am struggling to become much better in. It was light. It was cute. It was also direct and empowering. Thank you for challenging me to love me. Thank you for all you do to help others live a much healthier life. You are an awesome gift!!!

    Lynda, Philadelphia
    Lynda, Philadelphia
  • I am definitely thankful for waking up and feeling like a champ and ready to conquer anything I put my mind to! This feeling came after my first session with Jennifer and I am truly grateful I spoke with her. She has opened my eyes to great things. Jennifer, thank you again. You are truly an inspiration. Keep up the good work!

    Malissa, Nurse, New Jersey
    Malissa, Nurse, New Jersey
  • I really enjoyed my 4-hour intensive with Jennifer; it was a great jumpstart for my business goals!  She led our session very strategically by first guiding me through getting what was in my head in relation to my business goals, out on paper.  As always, she was super patient and I walked away feeling energized and hopeful, along with written down goals and a plan for my next steps!

    Adrianne, Birth Doula + Goal Coach, Philadelphia
    Adrianne, Birth Doula + Goal Coach, Philadelphia
  • If you're on the fence about hiring Jennifer as your coach, I say take the plunge. In the end, you will feel better about yourself, you will find your voice and you will have action steps to help you reach your goals.

    Lillian, Health Care Worker for Autistic Children, Philadelphia
    Lillian, Health Care Worker for Autistic Children, Philadelphia
  • Before working with Jennifer, I was not happy with myself. I spent a lot of time trying to please others and letting them stress me out and I wasn't sure what I wanted out of my life. During the coaching process, I was able to really say how I felt without being judged and I learned to hear and accept the truth of what I was really trying to say. Now, I am happier because I know what and who I want in my life. I have learned to say NO and I am beginning to let go of things I have held onto for years.

    Barbara, Educator, Philadelphia
    Barbara, Educator, Philadelphia
  • After reading your blog post on sugar, I finally took up the challenge and for the last 13 days have drastically reduced my sugar intake. And lost 5 pounds! Thank you for the continued support. Love all your blog posts!

    Stacey, Washington, DC
    Stacey, Washington, DC
  • As a result of coaching with Jennifer, "I see the person I want to be and I continue to challenge myself to be better knowing I can move forward."

    Gale, Registered Nurse, New York
    Gale, Registered Nurse, New York
  • I benefited greatly from working with Jennifer. I now have a plan of action to lose weight and keep it under control. The biggest win is that I have figured out what I want to do with my life, which is own a yoga business. I am currently taking steps to pursue my dream. I have lost about 10 pounds, gotten yoga certified, created a business logo, working on a business website, spoken to a lawyer about my business ownership, created an Instagram account for my business, and more! If you are undecided about coaching then ask yourself these questions. Do you have concrete steps to get to your goal? Do you have the motivation to get you where you want to be? If not, then you should definitely work with Jennifer Dent. She will help you accomplish your goals!

    Niesha Harris-Cherry
    Niesha Harris-Cherry

If you’re ready to learn how to create your own Luxe life, I can expedite your success…

I’ll help you:

  • organize your schedule so that you can make time for what’s most important (like working out and meal prep) and say no to things that don’t serve you
  • identify the obstacles that are keeping you from your healthiest life so that you can persist even when those cupcakes are calling your name
  • identify your specific motivational strategies so that you achieve the goals that you set
  • increase your daily water intake so that you can experience the benefits of a well-hydrated body like reducing cravings and levels of toxicity in your body
  • identify your trigger foods that give you certain symptoms like headaches, stomach pains, fatigue, or diarrhea so that you can learn to exclude or drastically reduce them from your diet
  • shift your current mindset so that you can truly embrace this stage in your life and easily release 5, 10, 15 pounds or more
  • create a rock solid morning routine so that you can create more success in your life and decrease your stress levels


That’s a strange thing to say, but it’s 100% true. My work as a Health + Success Coach isn’t just about teaching women how to eat more kale. There are tens of thousands of diet books that can show you how to make dietary changes. The areas where women commonly fail when it comes to losing weight is their lack of organization and their negative mindset. I’m able to spot a woman from a million miles away who says they want to change, but in actuality, prefer to keep sabotaging themselves because they can’t find enough time in their schedule to focus on their health and their negative mindset leads them to failure.

This is why one-on-one coaching is so important. Dr. Frank Lipman, one of my teachers and an expert on sustainable wellness says working with a Health Coach is key to long-term success. “With a Health Coach as your wellness co-pilot, you’ll work together to develop a customized plan that takes your individual physical, emotional and lifestyle factors into account and fits with the way you live — and ultimately leads you to permanent, positive change.”

Are you ready to uplevel your health and your lifestyle with personal coaching?

  • You never want to go on a restrictive diet again
  • You’re willing to change some key habits in your current life
  • You’re ready to COMMIT like you’ve never committed before – as committed as Kane is to Kim
  • You’re ready to create your LUXE Life…no matter what
  • You are scared, skeptical or are otherwise ill-equipped to commit to getting results
  • You routinely pass up opportunities because it’s “not the right time”
  • You think you have all the answers and aren’t open to coaching
  • You’re looking for a detailed workout/fitness plan


If you know that this is for you, schedule a call to see if we’re a good fit.

Click the Complimentary Clarity Session button to start the process of creating your LUXE Life today.

Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow…

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