Are You Ready to Stop. Dieting. Forever.?

It’s your time.

Because you’ve tried every diet, workout, pill, and detox and you aren’t seeing the results you desire.


Because you are in a constant state of overwhelm and you don’t know how to dig yourself out.


Because every time you fall off the wagon, it’s harder for you to pick yourself back up.

This is Your Roadmap.


Losing weight and getting healthy is a simple process once we break it down into smaller activities. My goal as a Health + Success Coach is to make the process super simple for you so your success is practically guaranteed.


First, we start with the basics.  I broke it down into 7 core habits that are the foundation of the Stop. Dieting. Forever. ™ process (see image). These steps are healthy habits that we can learn to master over time. To help keep you accountable, I created the private LUXE Life Member Circle to teach you how to lose weight in a healthy, holistic way.


However, following 7 simple steps isn’t as easy you think. In working with hundreds of women through group programs and one-on-one coaching, the common pitfalls I have found as woman are striving to master the above-mentioned healthy habits are mindset and time management.


Most take themselves out of the game before they even start. In the back of their minds, they may be thinking, “I’ve tried so many times before, I know this won’t work.” Or as soon as they hit an obstacle, they give up and quit. #backtothedonuts


These same women attempt losing weight with the worst possible state of mind – wanting to “fix themselves.” Punishing themselves with workouts because they consumed too much food the night before, or constantly pinching their love handles, while subconsciously calling themselves fat is a recipe for disaster and achieving very little – if any – results

Having the proper mindset is one key to long-term weight loss success. This is why all of my content include techniques and strategies to shift your mindset from an unbeliever to a believer.


I help you move from desperate dieter to a healthy, happy heroine. One that regains her power to create an awesome life where she is focusing on better health, a longer life, more enjoyment in everyday activities and the prevention of chronic diseases. Not only does she do this for herself, but she is leading by example with her friends and family.


The second big issue I see women struggling with on their journey to health is time management. Let’s be real, getting fit and healthy takes time and planning. A lot of women have so much on their plates that fitting consistent activities like meal prep and hitting the gym into an already jam-packed schedule is next to impossible.


Because of this, I created programs like Scheduling Success, to help women streamline and organize their schedules so there is more time to incorporate healthy activities with ease.


Put it all together 7 foundational habits + mindset + time management and you have the Stop. Dieting. Forever.™ process.

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