The Stop. Dieting. Forever. Podcast with Jennifer Dent Brown

Is your dieter's mindset keeping you overweight?

Good question, right?

Think about it. Have all those diet rules helped you achieve your forever weight?

If you're here, reading this, chances are they haven't helped you.

I get it.

This is exactly why I started the Stop. Dieting. Forever. podcast.

I want to help you to learn how to stop thinking like a dieter so you can lose weight in a way that works!

This podcast is for you if…

  • You feel stuck in a place where you stopped seeing results from your current diet. 
  • You feel like it's so hard to stay on track even though you were laser-focused when you started your weight loss journey.
  • You have reached your goal weight, but ended up gaining it back and you feel like you just don't have the discipline needed to keep it off. 

I'm here to help you figure out this weight loss thing once and for all.

I will be your host and your coach.

Don't worry. I got you. This is your LAST stop on the weight loss struggle bus. 


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About Your Host

Jennifer Dent Brown is a Life + Weight Loss Coach who helps women learn to stop dieting and start living through her company, LUXE Life Coaching. Living a LUXE Life has nothing to do with money and everything to do with a state of mind. Feeling hopeless and unable to control your weight will never get you to your goal. Learning to live with the mindset of a woman who is already at her goal weight is the key to lasting, permanent weight loss.